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Dorado Academy Cafeteria

Our cafeteria services are provided by the company Mejor Gusto. They offer food options chosen with our students' needs and health in mind. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

For information regarding the cafeteria, please contact Gabriela Torres at
(787) 619-9258
or email her at
Parents/Guardians, please make sure your child's account has enough balance for purchases.

To ease the process of allocating money to your child’s Cafeteria account, you can use the PaySchools App. PaySchools allows you to create a secure online account where you may deposit money into your child, see what they are consuming in the school cafeteria and view your balance.

  • Go to

  • Click on REGISTER.

  • Fill in all the information and check on the User Agreement.

  • An e-mail will be sent to you to confirm your account.


When you confirm, the website will open and you'll need to enter your USER NAME (that will be your e-mail) and create your PASSWORD.
After this, you can Log-in.


At Log-in, the system will have you complete some security questions and then you can add your children, by entering their "ID NUMBER", "NAME" and "LAST NAME".

You can also visit the cafeteria to add funds to their account in any of our cashiers or via ATH Movil Business by searching for "Mejorgusto". Remember to include your child's Name and Lastname on the message field of your ATH Movil transfer.

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Weekly Menus

Our cafeteria menu options are certified by a nutritionist and organized in three-week cycles.

  • Within the hot lunch options, you will have a REGULAR menu for $7.00 and, on certain days you will also have a PREMIUM menu.

  • For PK to 4th grades, the portions are smaller and, therefore, the REGULAR Combo is $5.00.

  • Combo prices for PREMIUM options are different from the regular menu.

  • Combo includes one option for each of these: carbohydrates, vegetables, and sides.

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