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Our students possess remarkable qualities and abilities that make them accomplished and well-rounded individuals. They exhibit a commitment to excellence, a strong work ethic, and a thirst for knowledge.


They demonstrate consideration, compassion, and regard for others in all situations. Due to their technical abilities, they can adapt to rapidly altering circumstances and remain on the cutting edge of technological advances. Their social and emotional stability, critical thinking skills, innovative education, global citizenship, etiquette, practical communication skills, and decorum attest to their academic excellence and remarkable character.

Student's Basic Responsibilities 


Each student has the responsibility to:

  • Participate fully in the learning process.

  • Come to school on time, prepared with homework and needed supplies.

  • Show respect for the knowledge and authority of teachers, administrators, and other school employees. 

  • Be free of alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, and weapons. 

  • Show respect for him/herself, his/her school and other people.

  • Use appropriate language, behavior and attire.

  • Be honest and trustworthy, and treat others with courtesy and respect.

  • Refrain from plagiarism and copying.

  • Upkeep their electronic devices, books, book bag and all materials. 

  • Help keep their classrooms, halls and walkways, playgrounds, restrooms and lunch area clean. 

Student's Basic Rights 

Each student has the right: 

  • To be provided with a classroom atmosphere most conducive to learning.

  • To be secure and safe in his/her person and property.

  • To have a teacher who will provide positive support of the student's appropriate behavior and to limit the student's inappropriate behavior.

  • To support the teacher and to expect a positive learning environment.

  • To know the expected appropriate behavior.

  • To be treated with respect, courtesy, and consideration by every student, teacher, administrator, and adult in school.


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