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Community Service

At Dorado Academy we aim to develop caring and balanced
young men and women who demonstrate responsible citizenship
by connecting, helping and serving others.

We are committed to make community service an integral part of our school culture. The purpose of the community service program is to provide all Dorado Academy high school students the opportunity to have a positive impact in our society while learning that service to others is an on-going part of life.


We believe students that take part in community service projects develop skills not commonly found in the classrooms as well as it encourages them to take an active role as leaders in their communities. 

The minimum hours required per grade
are as follows:

         GRADE          MINIMUM HOURS  

      9TH GRADE                    20              

    10TH GRADE                    25              

    11TH GRADE                    30              

    12TH GRADE                    35              

Documents and Forms


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