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School Life

In this section, you will find information about clubs and organizations, community service, after school activities,
and sports teams available to all Dorado Academy students.
Click on the icons to get more information.
Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society and
the National Honor Society strive to recognize the student who excels in all of the standards, as demonstrated by activities that are documented by the student and adult supervision.

Student Council

The Student Council is the voice of
the student body. Find out how you
can be part of it.

After-school Program

The After-School Program is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment that meets the needs of our students and families during after-school hours.

College orientation

Here you can access test and application deadlines, career inventory test, scholarship information and
other resources provided by
your High School counselor.


These groups meet weekly throughout the school year, with a variety of options available to participants.


All teams are chosen each season.
The seasons are: Fall (Aug-Oct),
Winter (Dec-Feb), Spring (Mar-May). Check out our sports teams.


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