Please keep in mind the Rules and Regulations when purchasing your child's uniform. Here is a summary:

The school uniform identifies the student with the school. It is required that each student uses his/her complete uniform while attending Dorado Academy. The homeroom teacher will revise it daily. Any student that attends school with part or no uniform must bring a written excuse from parents, otherwise, the student will not be permitted to enter the school. ​

  • All uniform skirt lengths must be no shorter than mid-knee. Girls in grades 9th-12th, skirt pants (skort) are not permitted. No leggings are permitted.

  • The P. E. long pants/shorts must have the school logo. At the upper school, P. E. long pants are to be worn only on P. E. days. 

  • All uniforms must be the officially authorized school uniform with school logo from UNIFORM AUTHORITY. No other uniform will be permitted to be worn to school.

  • Every student is to be in complete uniform every day. It is the responsibility of the parent/student to see that the uniform is clean and in good condition. Periodically there will be a check on personal appearance and uniforms. 

  • Students are expected to dress modestly and act in a correct manner at all times, especially when wearing the school uniform (in or out of school). Since they represent Dorado Academy, the students are responsible for the reputation of the school.