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Steps for Online Re-enrollment

Follow these steps for Online Re-enrollment. Please make sure that you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer.

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Getting your documents ready

  • Download each one of the PDF documents included in the Re-enrollment email by pressing the arrow and clicking Download. (See Image 1.)

  • Open the Adobe Acrobat application on your computer.

  • In Adobe Acrobat, go to File—> Open, search in the Downloads folder for each PDF document downloaded from the email and open them.

  • Fill them out and then go to File—> Save As… and add your child's name at the end of the PDF name. (See Image 2.)

    • If you have more than one student enrolled in Dorado Academy, you must repeat these same steps with each of them, adding the name of each one at the end of the PDF name using SAVE AS… as before.

REENROLL image 1.png
Image 1
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Image 2
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Steps in Plus Portals
  • When you have all the documents filled out, you will open the Plus Portals account using the PARENT credentials. DO NOT USE YOUR CHILD'S ACCOUNT. Only Parents and Guardians will have access to the re-enrollment documents.

  • Once you have logged in to Plus Portals with the PARENT credentials, click on 'Forms' in the menu bar above and then select VIEW/EDIT    “2022-2023 RE-ENROLLMENT”. (See Image 3.)

Image 3

On the following screens:

  • Verify that the information contained is correct.

  • Update any information that is incorrect or has changed.

  • Fill in all the empty fields, especially those required to be completed (identified with *).

  • As soon as you complete each screen, click the NEXT button at the bottom to proceed to the next screen.

3 princ.png
  • On the third screen, called DOCUMENTS, select (Choose File) the PDF documents you have on your computer (the ones you filled out and saved with the student's name using SAVE AS...).

    • You must make sure you have chosen the PDF files for the student you are re-enrolling. (See Image 4.)

  • After selecting all the files that apply (Choose File), go to the fourth screen by clicking on the NEXT button, carefully read the re-enrollment agreement and click NEXT.

upload docs.png
Image 4
4 princ.png
  • On the fifth and last screen you will need to:​​

    • Select the payment plan. (See Image 5.)

    • Write your name. (It will be your official digital signature.)

    • Write the date when the form was completed (current date).

    • SUBMIT.

Image 5

If you have more than one child, you must:

  • Log out of Plus Portal.

  • Close the browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge,…). IMPORTANT: The school's database system requires that the browser resets for each re-enrollment.

  • Open the browser again and reconnect to Plus Portals with the PARENT account.

  • Repeat the Steps in Plus Portals. Make sure that on the FORMS screen, you choose the VIEW/EDIT “2022-2023 RE-ENROLLMENT” for the next child you will re-enroll. The rest of the process will be the same as before, being careful to upload the PDFs corresponding to the student chosen this time.


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