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High School

Added to the usual basic courses like English, Math, Math Lab,
Science, Science Lab, Spanish or SSL, History, Health
and Physical Education, students in High School
are able to choose their electives. 

Since grades become part of a student’s official transcript at this moment, their choice of electives and AP Courses can enrich their preparation towards their College education.

The electives are:

  • Forensics

  • Marine Biology

  • Office Applications

  • Word ProcessingSpecialist

  • Web Design and Development

  • Python Programming

  • French

  • Preparatory Music Ensemble

  • Band 
  • Batucada
  • Art
  • Advanced Drawing and Painting

AP Courses:

  • Biology

  • Calculus

  • Chemistry

  • English Literature

  • Psychology

  • Spanish

  • Statistics

On-line Electives:

  • Astronomy

  • Biotechnology

  • Criminal justice

  • Engineering and Technology

  • Fashion

  • Interior Design

  • Forensic Science

  • Game Design

  • Inside the Criminal Mind

  • Law and Order

  • Marketing

  • Sports Entertainment Marketing

  • Veterinary: the care of animals

High School Faculty

Seny Faría Vega, M.A.

Middle/High School Principal

Alberto De La Torre Cruz, M.A.

Middle/High School Counselor

Ángel L. Torres Ramos, M.A.

Dean of Students

María Teresa Durán Gómez, M.A.

College Advisor


Miriam López Pérez, M.A.

English Teacher

Melanie Vargas, B. A.

English Teacher

Deborah Carthy, B.A.

English Teacher


Betsy Cotto Suriel, B.A.

Social Studies Teacher

Luis M. Cardona Miró, B.A.

History Teacher

Annabelle Medina Rivera, B.A.

History Teacher


Bianca Cruz Jusino, B.A.

Mathematics Teacher

Ramón Quiñones, B.A.

Mathematics Teacher

Stephanie Sánchez, M.A.

Mathematics Teacher

Carlos Velázquez, B.A.

Mathematics Teacher


Darycarmen Borrero Burgos, M.A.

Science Teacher

Carla T. Cabanillas Carreras, B.S.

Science Teacher

Luis M. Iglesias Quiñones, B.S.

Science Teacher

Verónica Ortiz Berríos, M.A.

Science Teacher


Marynel Camacho Martínez, M.A.

Spanish Teacher

Carmen Figueroa Nieves, B.A.

SSL / Social Studies Teacher

Génesis Vázquez, B.A.

Spanish Teacher

David Reyes Martínez, B.A.

Physical Education Teacher / Athletic Director

Raúl E. Sosa Aquino, B.A.

Physical Education Teacher

Grace Mendoza Egea, B.A.

Art Teacher

Edgardo J. Martínez Castro, B.A.

Music Teacher

Ginamarie Rivera, B.A.

Online Courses Teacher

Valerie Abreu Narváez, B.A.

French Teacher

Oscar R. Diaz Padilla, M.A.

Computer Teacher

Sheila Muratti Vázquez, M.A.

SUNRISE Student Support Services Teacher

Valerie Vega Villarubia, M.A.

Life Skills Teacher

Yahaira Rosado Torrellas, B.A.

Performing Arts Teacher

Roberto Pérez Manso, B.A.

Substitute Teacher

Jucely Figueroa Ruiz, M.A.



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