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Middle School

From grades 6th to 8th, students are given more independence, moving to different classrooms for different subjects.
Students have a graduation ceremony in 8th grade.

Students receive the following curriculum and electives:​

  • Math

  • Math Lab

  • Science

  • Science Lab

  • Spanish or SSL

  • Social Studies

  • Health

  • Physical Education

  • Art

  • Dance

  • Music

  • Computer Basics

  • Digital Literacy

  • Introduction to programming

  • Theater

  • French

  • Life Skills

  • Library Skills

Middle School Faculty

Seny Faría Vega, M.A.

Middle/High School Principal

Alberto De La Torre Cruz, M.A.

Middle/High School Counselor

Ángel L. Torres Ramos, M.A.

Dean of Students

María Teresa Durán Gómez, M.A.

College Advisor


Melanie Vargas, B. A.

English Teacher

Janna L. Thomas Lutjens, B.S.

English Teacher


Ramón Quiñones, B.A.

Mathematics Teacher

Kevin Rivera, B.A.

Mathematics Teacher


Carla T. Cabanillas Carreras, B.S.

Science Teacher

Ingrid Ocasio González, M.A.

Science Teacher

Verónica Ortiz Berríos, M.A.

Science Teacher


Elaine Cuevas, B.A.

Spanish Teacher

Carmen Figueroa Nieves, B.A.

SSL/Social Studies Teacher

Janice Figueroa, B.A.

Spanish Teacher

Social Studies

Betsy Cotto Suriel, B.A.

Social Studies Teacher

Isabella Mújica Cortés, B.A.

Social Studies Teacher

David Reyes Martínez, B.A.

Physical Education Teacher / Athletic Director

Raúl E. Sosa Aquino, B.A.

Physical Education Teacher

Grace Mendoza Egea, B.A.

Art Teacher

Edgardo J. Martínez Castro, B.A.

Music Teacher

Oscar R. Diaz Padilla, M.A.

Computer Teacher

Sheila Muratti Vázquez, M.A.

SUNRISE Student Support Services Teacher

Valerie Vega Villarubia, M.A.

Life Skills Teacher

Yahaira Rosado Torrellas, B.A.

Performing Arts Teacher

Roberto Pérez Manso, B.A.

Substitute Teacher

Jucely Figueroa Ruiz, M.A.


Valerie Abreu Narváez, B.A.

French Teacher


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