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Holding Hands

Social Emotional Health and Wellness Program (SEHWP)

This new program covers the needs of our school such as family; school and community relations; health education and life skills; social and emotional well-being; health services; nutrition and staff wellness.
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Message from the Director


Mrs. Enid R. Laureano, MSW - Director of SEHWP


We are confident that our SEHWP (Social Educational Health and Wellness Program) will contain a holistic approach, not just for our students but for our entire learning community, including faculty, staff, Dorado del Mar community members, parents, caregivers, and so forth. We understand that our school community should not only strive for academic and athletic excellence, but it should also promote emotional intelligence and positive/wholesome values that will enrich each individual's life and our society as a whole.


To tend to our community, we will regularly survey all students and faculty members to identify where our immediate needs are and develop a plan that will tackle and alleviate those needs. My greatest hope and goal is to positively impact our entire Dorado Academy community!


Our doors are always open to help you!




Dr. Tatiana Pagan, PsyD - Elementary Guidance Counselor

Mr. Alberto De La Torre, LPC - Middle/High Guidance Counselor


Their role is to provide students with resources to deal with the different challenges they face in life. Also, instill in them that they are not alone on this journey and that there are always resources to help mediate when emotional problems and issues arise. Above all, the counselors motivate the school community, mainly parents and educators, to believe that teamwork and good and assertive communication is the best way to help our children. It has been proven that the best way to overcome crises is to have a good support team that lets you know you are not alone and helps you realize that there is always hope. The moment we can begin to see crises, problems, and conflicts as opportunities to learn and educate, we will all come to appreciate more the importance of our role as parents, educators, and mental health professionals. This attitude will allow us to intervene assertively and see the other team members as resources to help improve the well-being of our students.



Mrs. Patricia Hernández - Elementary Life Skills and Integrative Nutritional Health and Wellness Coach

Ms. Valerie Vega, MS-SSP - Middle/High Life Skills


The Life Skills classes focus on essential skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, creative thinking, interpersonal relationship skills, communication, self-awareness-building skills, empathy, and coping with stress and emotions.

SUNRISE Student Support Services


Mrs. Lilliana González - Elementary Sunrise Program Coordinator

Mrs. Sheila Muratti, MC LC #1269- Middle/High Sunrise Program Coordinator


The SUNRISE coordinators provide reasonable accommodations and monitor students’ academic progress and well-being at school. Diversity and individuality are embraced while promoting acceptance, tolerance, cooperation, equity, independence, a positive attitude, self-awareness, and confidence. For more information regarding the SUNRISE program, visit


Ms. Mileni Ciuró, RN/BSN - School Nurse


As part of the SEHWP team, we will work on creating a connection between healthcare and education, advocate for our students so they have their healthcare needs met, and collaborate with the team to design plans that could support our community to develop their full potential. For more information regarding the First Aid Office, visit


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